We've been opening doors to superior performance with beautiful and durable products. Homeowners, remodelers, architects and builders depend on us to produce the most effective and worry free garage door solutions. Here you can learn more about our exceptional garage door products and services. Click on Residential for more information about garage doors or openers for your home. If you are interested in doors or operators for a business or industrial application, visit the Commercial section.

Garage, garage doors and garage door springs

Garage, garage doors and garage door springs

Garage, garage doors and garage door springs

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Garage, garage doors and garage door springs
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  • Rid your home of a potentially unsafe garage : Since 1990, an average of 20,000 people each year have been treated in hospital emergency rooms for injuries related to garages.* Our garage has so many safety features it was awarded the Chairman's Commendation from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission for making a substantial advancement in product safety.

  • Prevent your door springs from breaking: The TorqueMasterTM Counterbalance System shields springs, and their dangerous force, safely inside a galvanized steel tube.

  • Reduce your maintenance: Eliminate the problems found on standard garage, like chipping paint and wood rot.
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Garage, garage doors and garage door springs
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